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Why Join?

As its name implies, an Installed Masters Lodge is one that is open primarily to Freemasons who are either presently Master of their Lodge or who are Past Masters. As such, we do not normally carry out Ceremonies of Initiation, Passing or Raising.
Instead, the Lodge provides the following benefits and opportunities to its members:
 Its Membership is made up of the most committed and enthusiastic masons in the Province and inspires further research into the history and fascination of the Craft.
Membership can be seen to be a willingness to undertake further efforts in the Craft and provides a great opportunity of demonstrating that willingness to the many high profile Members and of being rewarded accordingly.
The programme provides a unique opportunity of hearing Speakers and seeing Demonstrations which would otherwise be lost.
The standards and friendly atmosphere set are, and are intended to be, examples which all other lodges might do well to 'emulate'.
It provides a stimulus for those who are recently through the Chair to further their Masonic interests and career, which they might otherwise lack.
They have an opportunity of meeting a great number of new friends from new peer group who they will otherwise never know.
They have frequent opportunities of seeking and obtaining from very senior Members, advice on virtually any Masonic problem which they may have.
To meet other Masters and Past Masters of Lodges and to share their growing understanding of Freemasonry.
This includes a specific offer of Mentoring for newly Installed Masters.
Meetings are relaxed and fun!!
Come and visit and/ or Join - Contact the Secretary to join!